BBNaija: Groovy Admits His Love For Chomzy (VIDEO)

On BBNaija, level two housemate Groovy has admitted that he has feelings for Beauty. There was a lot of drama and growing relationships during the Saturday night party. In a private talk, Groovy admitted to Daniella that he likes Chomzy.

He claimed that his relationship with Beauty encompassed feelings, and he had daydreams about spending time with her outside. He admitted, though, that he still harbors affections for Chomzy.

He says that now that Beauty is gone, he has come to the realization that he still feels something for Chomzy, and he plans to tell her about it.

Groovy approached Chomzy and began to talk.

Chomzy admitted to Chichi that she enjoyed talking with Groovy.

She claimed to like Groovy and Eloswag. Chichi provided her with some guidance and caution was suggested. Check out their conversation below;

Chomzy: I like Groovy and I like Eloswag

Chichi: Do you want to be with someone that you know has a girl just that the girl left the house

Chomzy: He spoke to me but told me not to tell anyone

Chichi: If a guy really like you he will not want you to keep it secret.