Asake: Ikorodu Bois Use Corn, Strange Shoes, Broom, and Others to Recreate Singer’s O2 Arena Performance

Ikorodu Bois

The Ikorodu Bois, a Nigerian social media sensation and mimicker, did not disappoint with their rendition of YBNL star Asake’s performance at the O2 Arena.

Ikorodu Bois recreated the moment Asake sang his popular song at the O2 Arena using a broom, shovel, buckets, maize, and weird shoes, among other local things, in a video published on their social media page.

Who are Ikorodu Bois?

Ikorodu Bois is made up of three siblings, Babatunde Sanni, Muiz Sanni, and Malik Sanni, as well as their cousin, Fawas Aina.

The three little boys are frequently part in the video acting, while their elder brother, Babatunde Sanni, edits the movies. He serves as the group’s manager as well.

The ensemble uses regular home things to represent elite cinema gear. Among these products is the usage of local wheelbarrows to imitate expensive vehicles, a concept initially demonstrated by Kaptain Kush.

The name Ikorodu Bois is derived from the lads’ home town of Ikorodu in Lagos, Nigeria.

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