Akrobeto Celebrates His 60th Birthday – Presenter Eats Cake With His Two Sons On Live Television

Venerated Ghanaian TV presenter and comedian, Akrobeto, marked his 60th birthday celebration on November 18, 2022, and his two beloved sons astounded him on live television.

Taking up a thoughtful initiative with the producers of the show their father hosts, which is ‘The Real News’, Akrobeto’s sons had the option to come up with a major treat for their father on his exceptionally unique day.

A ton of birthday wishes are flooding in for the media presenter and comedian, who also is a Kumawood entertainer, as videos of the unexpected gesture taken to celebrate him touches the hearts of many.

Akrobeto celebrating his birthday on live television.

The celebrated Kumawood movie star and comedian, turned 60 years on November 18, 2022, and his two dear sons and loved ones astonished him on live television inside the studios of UTV.

The media personality was presenting the news on The Real News on UTV, when he chose to declare to viewers that it was his 60th birthday celebration, and that he would love to use the opportunity to treat himself to a birthday song.

In the middle of singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ melody, his two sons and loved ones started to enter the studio while singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song, like he was. Taken by surprise, Akrobeto then, at that point, stood up in wonderment as he watched them step into the studio space with cakes and birthday presents.

Akrobeto stated that he was amazed they were able to organize a heartfelt surprise for him, although he wanted to celebrate his birthday away from public attention. He additionally said that he was clueless that his oldest son around town, given the fact that he took residence in Belgium prior to this.

Akrobeto commended the producers of the show for teaming up with his sons to execute such a marvelous surprise on his 60th birthday. His sons then, at that point, gave a nice speech and afterwards, a colorful display of singing and dance moves were exhibited, followed by cutting of his birthday cake.

Akrobeto eating his birthday cake barehanded.

Numerous fans and well wishers made it a point to express their thoughts after watching videos of Akrobeto’s two sons astound him on live television, as seen below;

whats_up_gh: Ok we get it now, it runs in the family…alright

papayaw_mc: Why is Akrobeto eating the cake like fufu … we love you Sir❤️

cosmos_impact: He is still HOSTING on his day60 and more Laughter ❤️

primal_shirtssuits: Awww lovely to watch. Happy birthday, uncle. You deserve it and more. 60 more years to go ❤️

esther_abena_saah: Awww so cute you deserve it uncle and God bless your new age ❤️❤️❤️❤️ happy birthday uncle

adelegh4real: Uncle Akrobeto is everybody’s sweetheart, happy birthday sir, and may God continue to bless you and uplift you ❤️

real_rec_real_1: Much love uncle… Happy birthday… well, I didn’t know he can still joke in the presence of his sons

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