Actress Mary Remmy Njoku Has Revealed How A Woman Can Love Her Husband And Love Another Man Too

by Ghnewslive

Nollywood movie producer and actress, Mary Remmy Njoku has come out to make a case for women regarding loving multiple men.

Mary Remmy Njoku is one of the popular Nollywood actresses in Africa, she has been trending on social media after touching on a very sensitive topic about marriage or relationships.

Mary Remmy Njoku

According to the movie producer and actress, there is a case where a woman can love her husband and has the same feelings for another man as well.

Her fan has been on her page since the day she made this statement, many are saying she doesn’t know what she was saying and any woman who loves her husband and has the same feelings for another man is a hypocrite.

This came up after her colleague, Ruth Kadiri took to social media to ask her followers if it is possible for a wife to love her husband and another guy and she was emphatic that she only wanted a straightforward answer that is ‘yes or no’.

Mary then reacted to the question, remember Mary Njoku is married to the CEO of Iroko TV, Jason Njoku. She answered the question by pointing to the fact that what a man can do, a woman can do hence her answer is yes.

There were varied responses to this subject. See a few reactions below;

Bright Obrien; ‘Is She trying to tell us that she loves both the husband and the other man? Mary should answer this… 

Diana 1; I wasn’t expecting much of a response from Mary but what she said isn’t true even when a man truly loves you he will never give his heart to another and women are the same.

Godwin; She doesn’t love her husband alone I guess, because this is serious how can she say that?


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