Acting Is Not For School Dropouts, Take It Seriously And Train For It- Prince David Osei

Prince David Osei

According to actor Prince David Osei, people have the notion that acting is for people who are school dropouts and hence, do not take the profession seriously.

“The sad thing is that most people think acting is a job for school drop-outs or people who have nothing to do but it is a serious business,” he said in an interview with Dr. Cann on Happy FM’s Ayekoo After-Drive.

Explaining how serious professional acting is, Prince stated;

“Acting is a serious job that we’re doing and this job of acting has opened a lot of doors for us internationally and globally, and it has helped us to meet certain people that we would never even have gotten the chance to meet on a normal day.”

“When I see people come in and say they want to act but they don’t even have any educational background and they’re not trained for what they say they want to do, I feel it’s an insult. Acting is just like every other profession such as a doctor or lawyer”, he added.

“You need the training, you need to go through the process and you need to take it personally just like someone takes the job that requires them to go to the office every morning personal”, he concluded.

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