Abena Korkor Again!!! Goes After Abeiku Santana In Latest Post

It could be recalled that Abena once mentioned that Abeiku was part of the renowned personalities in Ghana who had their way with her and this generated into something else as he did not only mention Abeiku but also several others.

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Weeks have passed and she has made another post about the show host and in the recent post, she penned down some lovely words to celebrate the ace broadcaster.

The post that Abena Korkor made reads;

“I won’t make Ego my enemy so I will wish you , Happy Birthday, Abeiku Santana.

A true friend does not only applaud you but also criticises you.

I see just like Eugene Nkansah, you have blocked me. It is normal.

I hope you truly read and understand the book you are holding. Books must be read not used as props.”

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Some reactions the post got are;

_jessica_antiaye – But u cannot defame someone and later sound as if they are the people who are doing something wrong

babygirl4lifenuna – books must be read and not used as props 😂

tuffourelizabeth – The harsh reality is very few ppl will want to associate with you after telling on them even if you are hurt by them. Your healing process is making a lot of enemies for you. I wish there was a different approach but do what makes you happy.

abyna_bruwaa – Wow Abena you are damn intelligent. I love you 💖

Source: www.ghnewslive.com