A Prisoner Twerking In Jail Turned Into A Laughing Stock On Social Media

A Prisoner Twerking In Jail

A video was shared online showing a prisoner allegedly twerking in a jail block.

Prisoner Twerking In Jail has left South Africans in stitches when they heard that there is a group of guys on the background that is cheering him up.

However, some felt that the man in the video might still just be in the holding cells, not in jail, since he was on the outside of the cell after all. Others have questioned whether another inmate took the video or not.

When you think of jail, you probably picture a place where criminals go to get punishment for the crimes they committed against the public.

However, there are occasions when it seems as though inmates are treated better than many South Africans. An online video of a purported prisoner having the time of his life and enjoying himself has appeared.

An individual by the user name of ” Harry Potter@kganyasp ” felt the need to share this sight with people on social media.

On the 12th of September 2022 around 2:06 PM, grabbed the attention of the masses at once, and so far managed to obtain a sizable amount of 478 retweets, 167 Quote tweets and a whopping 1,136 likes.


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