Finally, Wode Maya Marries Kenyan girlfriend Trudy, Says They Spent Less Than GH¢9K

A video blogger from Kenya named Trudy and a Ghanaian YouTuber named Wode Maya got married.

Their love story, according to Wode Maya, started three years ago when they met in Ethiopia to work on a video project.

While the wedding took place on September 10, 2022, in Kenya, Wode Maya disclosed in his most recent video that he chose to dedicate his 1000th video on YouTube to the occasion and Trudy, whose mother passed away exactly 10 years prior.

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“I am a man of my word, and I decided to do something special on this day so that I can tell my children a beautiful story about my 1000th video. This marriage will unite Africa,” he said.

The private wedding was attended by Trudy’s family and relatives. Maya flew into the country with six people from Ghana, among them his uncle and pastor, who officiated their union.

Wode Maya Marries Kenyan girlfriend Trudy

In a video posted on his YouTube, Maya made his way to his in-law’s homestead holding a goat and a cow, accompanied by his family. The vocal YouTuber said his father-in-law didn’t ask for a lot because his daughter got married on the day his wife died. Trudy’s dad got emotional and sobbed uncountably after his daughter officially married the lover of her life.

“My dad was so emotional. I have never seen my dad like that. It was like he was heartbroken… he made me cry. It was an emotional moment because he is my only parent,” Trudy said.

Speaking about their wedding, the lovebirds revealed they spent GH¢8,516.60 (KSh 100,000) on their ceremony.

The two said they got people who supported them, hence, they spent less on their marriage.

“God sent people our way to make this happen and we are so grateful,” the Kenyan YouTuber said.

Maya revealed his wife’s Trudy was very expensive, disclosing that a local businesswoman and friend paid for the ring.

“My ring is so expensive. I’m scared of walking with it in the streets of Nairobi,” Trudy said.

Maya also disclosed that a real estate owner booked seven tickets, business class for him and his family.

“I hope this union will unite the entire continent. She is my wife now,” Maya said.

Trudy thanked their fans for supporting them and she said she was excited to get married.


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