‘How John Mahama Made Sure Some NPP Top Gurus & I Were Safe Even Though We Were Always Bashing Him In 2016’ – A Plus

Ghanaian socialite, Kwame Asare Obeng who is well known as A Plus has described how previous president, John Dramani Mahama safeguarded him and a few top individuals from the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

As per A Plus, this occurred in 2016 when the NPP was in resistance and he spread the word about this in a new post he made on his checked virtual entertainment handle on the famous web-based entertainment stage, Facebook.

The post that he made reads;

“When we went to Elembele with Nana Addo to campaign in 2016, a guy called me and said, he is a national security operative and was in Elembele with a team to protect me and some other people. I asked to meet him but he said no. We shall meet one day. He said, “we are around. You’ll be fine.” Immediately, I called Abraham Ferguson to inform him that someone was stalking me and I felt unsafe. After some minutes he called me back to say it was a national security operation. Security is being provided for many people including opponents. The records are there. They know it! JM protected those of us who were attacking him.
Some years later, I found out who he was – still a national security operative.
There are so many ministers and government appointees today who will confirm that John Dramani Mahama sent police and in some cases military to protect their homes when they were in opposition. In fact some of them are currently cabinet ministers.
Sadly, the ungrateful, wicked mala4kn, mofos I fought for, nearly finished me; I put up a great fight though 💪🏿😡😅 With the help of my facebook friends, we k!lld hundreds of NPP Facebook army. 😂😂😂 We even captured some of them into my camp 😂😂😂😂 Charley, we fought like warriors 👨‍🚒🤺🤣 Bless you my friends 😘
JM diɛ, 🙌🏾”

Source: www.ghnewslive.com