Facts About Burna Boy And Shatta Wale’s 2022 Beef

Shatta Wale , Burna Boy

Shatta Wale and Nigerian musician’s fight has shifted to be Burna Boy versus Shatta Wale.

Nigerian musician, Burna Boy, and Ghanian musician, Shatta Wale have agreed to meet up in Ghana to sort issues out personally (one on one). There have been different reactions to it and most of which are people being emotional about the issue and taking it seriously which I think shouldn’t be that way.

What brought us to the stage of Burna Boy agreeing to meet in Ghana to settle the issue personally? Days back, Shatta Wale expressed the anger towards Nigerian artists that has been growing inside him for a while.

He claimed Nigerian artists claim to be their brothers but never help them, that Nigerian artists are proud. He now threatened Nigerians for departure; that Nigerians and Ghanaians should all go their separate ways since the unity is not there the way everybody claims.

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Most Nigerian artists ignored his statement, few responded, out of the response was that of Burna Boy.

Shatta wale said;

““As for Nigerians they think they can always say what they want to say F**k your talks ya’ll who think I spoke the truth this, I don’t even remember you guys promoting Ghanaian artiste in your country, until u guys will realize your artiste blow in Ghana to say thank you. .F.”

From exchange of words, they then decided to meet in Ghana (no location yet, no date yet) to settle the issue one on one. People could not say for sure if they are planning to fight physically or make it a music battle, but majority feel it’s probably a physical battle.

Burna’s word:

“Fool wants to come and sing rubbish. I’m trynna see ur teeth and blood on the floor boy. You talking about singing. Joker.”

That has made people desperate to see how the issue will end. Most people react to the issue as if it’s more serious than it looks. These guys are Celebrities and anything could be possible. They both could chat personally but they decided to make it public. A public display shouldn’t be what you take seriously because some of the actions taken by Entertainers are to entertain you, is to give you what you love to see. Shatta Wale, Burna Boy might not even take the issue as seriously as you feel it is.

Have you thought? Which country would allow Celebrities to set up a fight, physical fight without taking action? They both know their eyes are on them and wouldn’t make it public even if they want to fight.

Burna Boy might just be giving Shatta Wale the help he needed, the help he claims Nigeria does not give. He is making the Shatta Wale trend which I believe is the essence of all this public display. I believe this issue Will eventually end with peace.