R2Bees Opens Up Why They Refuse Not To Grant Media Interviews (Video)

Radio interview provides convenience, flexibility and familiarity for listeners, which can also present artists with a unique opportunity to get in front of a wider audience.

Musical duo, R2bees have not embarked on media interviews for a long time because of their personal reasons that’s why they have keep their faces of cameras.

R2bees has disclosed the reason why they have decided to back off any media interviews in their late latest interview with JoyNews during their premier of their new album dubbed “Back 2 Basis”.

According to them, they don’t grant interviews with any media house because the media target is to focus on negativities to sell their companies. 

“Music is what we do; we came here to sing, so anything else isn’t our priority.” We’ll (SIC) sing once the mike is turned on. For us, the interview is the next step.”

“When we first started, we used to conduct interviews,” Omar Sterling added. “It’s not like we’ve always been like this.” What we discovered is that most journalists take advantage of some of the interviews we used to do back then, and they attempt to clout pursue. Make an effort to ask questions that you understand.

“We’re not simply musicians; we’re good people.” We believe in spreading happiness. We all know how the media can be so narrow-minded at times.