Zionfelix Is A Serious Silly Boy, He Has Turned Two Women Into Objects Of Ridicule – Whitney Boakye


Whitney Boakye Mensah who is a Managing Partner and Creative Director of Innovation and Events has described Zionfelix as a silly boy over his baby mamas trending issues.

Zionfelix is one of the most popular Ghanaian bloggers who are doing very well in information Ghanaians on trending issues in the country. Now Zionfelix is also trending for a couple of weeks after his girlfriends welcomed his children the same week.

Minalyn is known by many Ghanaians and is also known to be the first girlfriend of Zionfelix, she delivered a daughter a few days ago for the Ghanaian blogger. Many people delivered their congratulatory messages to Zionfelix for welcoming a baby girl. Now after Minalyn delivered the baby, another lady who is considered Zionfelix’s second girlfriend also gave birth to a baby boy.

Zionfelix has been the point of discussion for some days now, and many media personnel has expressed their views on the issue around these two girlfriends of Zionfelix after they all gave birth.

Last Saturday’s United Showbiz was fire as Abeiku Santana brought the issue of Zionfelix and his girlfriends for discussion which made Whitney Boakye expressed her disappointment for the two girlfriends of Zionfelix.

According to Whitney Boakye, ZionFelix has successfully turned the two women into objects of ridicule on social media and she went on to describe Zionfelix as a “silly boy”. During the popular show on United Television, Whitney made her opinion known about the ongoing issues around ZionFelix and his two baby mamas.

Whitney doesn’t understand why these two grown women will come on social media to disgrace themselves in trying to make each other know who the Ghanaian blogger loves the most. she said,

“However much you think you love the man, none of them is winning. Zion himself isn’t winning. They are making a mockery of themselves. Two women who should be busy taking care of their babies trying to outdo the other on social media. A man who loves you will not put you through all these”

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