Another Ghanaian Man Gets Married To His UK Gay Partner [Wedding Pictures]

Gay Marriage

Another Ghanaian man got married to his United Kingdom Gay Partner and shared their pictures online.

Not long ago, the conversation about LGBTQ was raised almost all over the world with some other countries accepting the act and making it legal.

Ghana on the other hand has been on the other side of what the majority of the countries are doing, the Republic of Ghana is still standing firm on its decision to not accept their actions in the country.

There is a new set of wedding pictures on social media about a Ghanaian man whose name is still not known, getting married to his gay partner (husband)

As seen in the photos below, the Ghanaian man was wearing a bright “kente” cloth with his UK Gay Partner (husband) in a white African cloth. In one of the photos, they were also seen kissing to show their love and affection for each other.

Before you see the pictures take a look at this 👇👇

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