Who is Marcela Basteri? Was She Found?

Marcela Basteri

If you’re curious about Luis Miguel’s mother, you may want to read this article. Here, you’ll discover Marcela Basteri’s disappearance and some theories surrounding her fate. Plus, you’ll learn about her relationship with her son, Luis Miguel. Read on to find out more! But first, let’s look at the circumstances surrounding her disappearance. How did she disappear, and where did she go?

Luis Miguel’s mother

The Mexican singer has not seen his mother in two years. He had recently completed filming his second film. He is now trying to get into her home, hoping to find clues about his mother’s past. As a result, he becomes depressed and begins to drink alcohol to drown his sorrows. Soon, he realizes that his life is falling apart and his younger brother Sergiohe is left alone in the world.

Luis Miguel’s mother, Marcela Basteri, disappeared in 1986. She was married to an Italian actor named Giovanni Ribisi. On 18th August 1986, she was seen off at Pisa airport by her family. The family wanted to be sure she landed in Spain. After a long separation, her marriage was already shaky. But after Marcela disappeared, her son’s father was determined to find her and get her back.

Marcela Basteri’s disappearance

A few months after the disappearance of Marcela Basteri, her children have been wondering where their mother is. Although her family has kept mum about the disappearance, they do not have any evidence that she is still alive. There was no trace of her whereabouts and no public information about where she might live. Although there are a number of leads, it is not possible to be certain where she is at this time.

Despite these rumors, some suspect Luis Miguel of murdering Marcela in order to cover up his own crimes. According to his sister-in-law, she was killed by Luis, drowning her in a swimming pool. On December 9, 1992, Luis visited his manager, Hugo Lopez, and told him that Marcela had been seen leaving a bank the previous year. When asked about his disappearance, the manager told him that he had seen Marcela Basteri leaving a bank.

Theories surrounding her disappearance

The theories surrounding Marcela Basteri’s disappearance are numerous and varied. It’s unclear if she killed herself or was murdered. Although Luis Basteri has said that his daughter died of natural causes, he himself has not confirmed this theory. The couple was very busy, with concerts and tours, when Marcela disappeared. Theories surrounding her disappearance have never been proven, and a definite motive has not been found.

The renowned Italian actress and model, who was HIV positive, went missing in 1986. She was a businesswoman who was once married to Luis Gallego Sanchez and a mother to Luis Miguel and Sergio Gallego Basteri. Her disappearance has sparked many conspiracy theories and speculation.

In a recent interview with a Spanish journalist, Rey denied knowing that his wife had been murdered and said that she had committed suicide.

Her relationship with her son

In the video below, Mexican singer Luis Miguel and his mother Marcela Basteri share a moment in Buenos Aires’ Luna Park, where they were celebrating the birth of their first child. It was recorded in March 1985, just days after the singer gave birth to Isabella Sofia. While the video shows the two enjoying a meal together, the relationship between the mother and son is not quite as warm as one might think.

In the early 1970s, Basteri moved to the Tuscany region of Italy with her son, Sergio. At the time, she had been living with her new stepmother, Luisito Rey, who was a successful Spanish singer.

They married in 1970 and later immigrated to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Their son, Luis Miguel, was born in Puerto Rico and began his career as a young performer. After his father’s death, Basteri moved back to her native country.


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