Who Is Ghanim Al-Muftah? Meet the little boy many people admire

Ghanim Al-Muftah

In this article, you will get to know who Is Ghanim Al-Muftah

The young youngster who performed on the same stage as Morgan Freeman during the 2022 World Cup opening ceremony was Ghanim Al-Muftah. Together with American actor Freeman, he talked about intercultural understanding, diversity, and the ties that bind people.

Because of his confidence, Ghanim Al-Muftah is admired by many people and is seen as having great potential. Ghanim Al-Muftah was born with the uncommon disorder Caudal Regression Syndrome (CDS). He has learned to confront challenges with optimism and leadership, rather than allowing the illness to limit his life, and this is what makes him stand out as an extraordinary and motivating individual.

He is currently pursuing a university degree in political science with the ultimate goal of becoming a diplomat. Ghanim, despite his disability, enjoys extreme sports such as scuba diving, skateboarding, and rock climbing.

How Old Is Ghanim Al-Muftah?

Ghanim Al-Muftah was born on 5th May 2002. Ghanim Al-Muftah’s age is 20 years as of 2022

Ghanim Al Muftah Education

He is now finishing his undergraduate degree with a political science emphasis with the ultimate objective of working as a diplomat.

Ghanim Al Muftah Career

He is a motivational speaker. Ghanim is the founder of Gharissa Ice Cream.

Ghanim Al Muftah instagram

Ghanim’s Instagram account is @g_almuftah. He has over 3.2 Million followers on the photo and video-sharing platform.

Ghanim Al Muftah YouTube

The Youtube Channel of Ghanim is Ghanim Al-Muftah. He has over 800k subscribers.

What does Ghanim Al Muftah have?

Ghanim Al Muftah was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome, an uncommon disorder (CDS). However, he has learned to confront challenges with optimism and leadership, which is what makes him a unique and inspirational figure, rather than allowing the illness to limit his life.

How Does Ghanim Al Muftah live?

Ghanim had a few survival chances from doctors however he has thrived to live past his fifteen years.

Credit: Ghgossip.com

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