[Watch] Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Reactions As Lady Flaunts New Body On Social Media

by Ghnewslive

The young lady becomes the talk of the day after showing off the upgrade of her body following a supposed sʋrgɛry procedure.


Lady takes over the internet after posting a video. We live in a society that often gives the perception that one must look a certain way to be labeled as ‘hot

The world had the Stone age, Bronze age, Iron age, and well, looks like we are now in the plastic age.

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A lot of people are opting to buy what they were not born with. Hence, the rise of plastic sʋrgɛry.

Although cosmetic sʋrgɛry is often used to help people born with deformities or help with breathing difficulties through rhinoplasty; the majority of people undergo the sʋrgɛry purely for aesthetic reasons.

People get so obsessed with the idea of how they should look, that they lose themselves completely in the process. In a video making rounds across the internet space, a young lady is seen happily flaunting her body after going through a procedure for backside eŋlαrgemeŋt.

The procedure, however, turns out to be not as perfect as expected as the lady’s body looks somewhat deformed.

Watch the video below;

SOURCE: www.ghnewslive.com

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