Video: Thieves forced to drink crates of alcohol they stole from a store

Thieves forced to drink crates of alcohol they stole

After being detained for allegedly breaking into a store and stealing alcohol crates, a group of thieves were threatened and whipped into consuming the entire contents at once.

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According to reports, the incident happened in South Africa. A video of it went viral online and sparked a lot of discussion.

The video, which was posted by South African reporter Velani Ludidi on Wednesday, shows the thieves struggling with the alcohol they had earlier taken.

According to reports, the culprits unlawfully entered a store, making off with alcoholic beverages valued at around 14,000 South African Rand. Upon being apprehended the next day, the thieves were still in possession of the bounty.

At this juncture, they confronted a dilemma: either consume all the pilfered alcohol on the spot or face ‘umphakathi,’ a local expression denoting community justice, which sometimes manifests in forceful and confrontational ways.

“Thieves broke in and stole alcohol worth 14k. They were caught a day later with the alcohol. The owner said they must drink it all in one go or face umphakathi. The thieves are struggling,” the video was captioned.

Thieves forced to drink crates of alcohol they stole

Watch the video below to know more…

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