Video: Daniel Duncan-Williams causes a stir with a new release.

by Ghnewslive

Daniel Duncan-Williams, son of Archbishop Duncan-Williams has caused a stir on the Internet with his crazy dance moves.

Daniel Duncan-Williams

In the video, he danced energetically to the beats of a dancehall song. It can be recalled that some years ago, Daniel Duncan-Williams trended on the Internet when he decided to Publicly disgrace his father. According to him, his father was not giving him the chance to leave a free life. A life he wants to live.

He even went ahead to release some naked pictures of his as well as some videos where he was enjoying himself with some ladies in a pool. Ghanaians had divided opinions.

Some blamed it on his father for not giving him proper training whiles others believed the young man made his choice.

Now in this new video, he has been seen dancing to what some will refer to as worldly tune and on our part of the world, we believe sons of God are not supposed to do that

Watch the full video here


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