VIDEO: Check Out How This Lady Was Playing With Her Father That Got People Talking

Father That Got People Talking

African fathers are always strict when it comes to raising their children. As a result of this, hardly will you see an African father playing with their son or daughter.

African fathers do not allow their daughters to wear anything they want whether they are in the house or they are going somewhere.

However, you can see that the lady in your picture seems to be the friend of her dad. The lady was seen wearing a shirt nika and sitting on the lap of her father. She was seen in the video twerking and having fun on her father’s lap if she is a baby. Some social media users thought that the father will shout at her and asked her to stop.

However, the father was rather seen laughing at what her daughter is doing. The way they were vibing together made some people jealous of their relationship. Some ladies on social media said that they can not do this with their father. This is because their father is not friendly as this lady’s father.

Others said that if it was their father, he will have shouted at them and asked them to be civilized. Check out some of the comments from some netizens who came across this video: