[VIDEO] Abena Korkor drops a new video to announce her comeback

Abena Korkor

Abena Korkor, a former UCC student whose wild bedroom recordings first appeared on social media years ago, has just posted another shockingly bare video online. Abena Korkor received treatment and launched a campaign to raise awareness of bipolar disorder after it was claimed that she was suffering from the condition as a result of her Read More

[Photos] Men hard after this photo of pretty curvy women in prison goes viral

women in prison

women in prison

Abena Korkor shut down her Instagram with more ℵἆḴḛḏ photos of herself

Abena Korkor shut down her Instagram

Abena Korkor shut down her Instagram We thought Abena Korkor had repented after telling Kwame A Plus that she did stupid things on the internet just to get attention and clout. The mental health advocate made headlines again just a few hours ago when she posted naked photos on her Instagram page. Abena Korkor appears Read More

[Photos] Female Argentina Fan Goes Topless While Celebrating Win, Internet Concerned She’ll Be Arrested In Qatar

Argentina Fan Goes Topless

The Qatari code of ethics forbids fans from attending games [email protected] However, Argentina Fan Goes Topless after their win over france. After Lionel Messi’s team overcame France and won the FIFA World Cup for Argentina, Argentina Fan Goes Topless while waving the fans. The football flag the woman brought, which slipped inadvertently, briefly obscured her Read More

Absurd: Ram was sentenced to three years in jail and this is why


A ram that allegedly headbutted a lady to death has been given a three-year prison sentence. Adhieu Chaping, 45, was attacked by the ram, who repeatedly pounded her in the chest before she passed away over the weekend. The ram was sentenced to imprisonment at a military camp as part of its punishment by traditional Read More

Video Of A Heavily Pregnant Woman Being Chemically bleach Goes Viral


A Heavily Pregnant Woman Being Chemically bleach In a social media video, ghnewslive notices a pregnant woman Being Chemically bleach. In the so-called “glow bath” process, the body is gradually covered in a variety of allegedly natural chemicals, which rapidly lightens the skin. Divergent views have been expressed in response to video of a woman Read More

VIRAL VIDEO: Netizens Notice Something Strange As A Man Kisses His Lion Best Friend

Man Kisses His Lion

Man Kisses His Lion after being away from him for some time. Man Kisses His Lion in a viral video but what many don’t understand was how the lion was calm with the man. We all know that Big cats are usually hostile to people unless they are kept in captivity because they are supposed Read More

Viral Video: Man leaves netizens in splits after traveling in Delhi Metro wearing a TOWEL

Delhi Metro

When a man boarded and wandered the Delhi metro in a towel, an Instagram video went viral and caught the internet by storm. Strange events have taken over social media platforms in the shape of Instagram reels since the TikTok era in India came to an end. Content producers are doing everything in their power Read More

Thief cries out for help after breaking into compound with two dogs (Video)


At midnight, a thief enters a compound with two well-trained dogs and finds an unexpected welcome party. A young Thief broke into a building in the middle of the night, as seen in a viral video that has been making the rounds on social media. The house had trained dogs, which the burglar was unaware Read More

After Qatari men were caught snooping on Miss Croatia at the World Cup, the video went viral.

Miss Croatia

Ivana Knoll, a former Miss Croatia, has gained notoriety throughout the World Cup and has done so once more. By dressing provocatively during the World Cup in Qatar, despite the local government’s warnings to tourists to “show respect for local customs,” which demands for everyone to cover their shoulders and knees, Knoll has become fairly Read More

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