Sad Moments As Dagbon Chiefs Visited The Jubilee House And Made These Announcements To Nana Addo

Nana Addo

Sad moments as Dagbon Chiefs visited the Jubilee House and informed Nana Addo of these developments

Several delegates and chiefs who have voiced their concerns and handed petitions to the president have met with Nana Addo.

Nana Addo received chiefs from Dagbon today as they visited the president and officially announced the death of their beloved who has just passed on.

The death of the Dagbon chief who was a direct heir to the throne of the Yaa Naa has shocked many who knew him and those who had personal relationships with him.

Nana Addo

According to the chiefs who visited Nana Addo at the jubilee house today, they have been saddened by this unexpected loss and they think this was not what the people of Dagbon have been expecting all along.

It is an unfortunate incident that they are all trying to get through. A replacement has been announced to be prepared for him after his burial. And for the honest life he left, he deserves a befitting replacement.

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