This Lady Invited All Her Boyfriend’s Side Chicks To His Birthday. See What Happened.


A Lady is trending online after inviting all of her man’s side chicks to his birthday party, read more below.

While many Lady’s seek to date someone who is already in a relationship as a side chick,’ these ladies were inadvertently dating the ‘other woman.’ This is how they discovered the truth.

A girl wanted to surprise her boyfriend for his birthday, so she stole his phone and dialed all of his contacts. She was taken aback by the fact that the majority of them were his “girls.” She threw a surprise party for him and invited everyone.

He was stunned and surprised to find his side chicks when he returned home. “How did you acquire my phone?” he just inquired, “you went through my phone?”

The phone numbers of several of the girls were preserved as corporate and restaurant names. “Hello, Dominos,” the girlfriend said. She went on to say, “I also invited ‘rent a center.’ All the girls were waiting for him to explain himself in front of everyone, including his family.

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