Tammy Allen Car Collector

Tammy Allen car collector

Tammy Allen Car Collector

Tammy Allen is a car collector with an impressive collection of vintage and rare vehicles. Allen’s collection includes vehicles once owned by famous people. For example, she owns two 1966 Ford Mustangs that were custom-made for Sonny and Cher. Her collection also includes a Rolls Royce once owned by actor Nicholas Cage. In addition, she owns a government ambulance that was once believed to have carried President John Kennedy’s body.

Her life story has a fairy tale quality. She grew up in a family of car enthusiasts. Her father collected cars, and he would purchase a new car for his family every two years. His passion for vehicles influenced Tammy’s interest in automobiles. Family road trips in the heartland fueled her love for cars. Now, her collections are legendary.

Tammy Allen is a car collector who was born in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. She grew up in a family business, and she always wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps. She is a fan of luxury cars and has a love for modifying them. Her father inspired her to become a car collector, and she continues his legacy.

Tammy Allen is a well-known car collector in the United States. She is also the owner of a vehicle gallery in Grand Junction, Colorado. Before becoming a car collector, Tammy Allen worked at Allen Unique Auto’s, a company that makes luxury cars. Her father was the CEO of VECO Corporation, an oilfield services firm in Alaska.

Allen has a taste for exotic and vintage cars, including the classic Viper. She also has a passion for all-American race cars. Her recent purchases include a Viper GEN II RT10 and a Viper 96 GTS for $55,000 each. While the collector’s prices are often outrageous, Allen is not above bidding well above the estimate to secure the car she wants.

Allen has a wide range of charitable interests. She supports a number of local organizations, including the Girl Scouts, the Mesa County United Way, and the Salvation Army. Her business has also been recognized as Small Business of the Year by the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce. Her company recently donated a custom paint job to a local veterans art center.

Tammy Allen’s car collection grew over the years. Today, her collection has grown to more than 80 vehicles, including rare, iconic, and customized cars. She displays at least eight cars per day. The museum is located at Allen Unique Autos in Grand Junction, Colorado. The website is HERE.

The museum can be rented for special events. Admission is $8 for adults and $5 for children four to 12 years old. Children under four years old are free. The museum is open on weekends and during the winter. Hours may vary depending on demand.


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