Here’s the trending video of Davido allegedly crying and begging an IG model to make him ‘eat one’

Following the initial sharing of a “cozy” Instagram photo of herself and the Nigerian singer Davido by a model known only as Bonita Maria in the United States, the Nigerian Afrobeats artist has become the talk of social media.

The singer was seen kissing the model’s cheeks inside a room in the picture that has since gone viral on social media.

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In response to criticism from the singer’s fans on social media, Bonita has taken aim at the musician once more by posting a video that shows the Grammy Award winner at one of his lowest points.

In the clip, Davido can be seen crying and begging. He can be heard saying ‘I’m on my knees’.

As reported, Davido sent the video to Bonita after she threatened to break up with him.

It’s alleged Davido was begging for one last intimate moment with Bonita.

The video has since garnered over a million views on Twitter alone as of the publication of this story.

With over 10k comments; Some in favour of the singer and vice versa.

Watch the video below to know more…

Black Stars skipper, Andre Rami Morgan ‘Dede’ Ayew, marked his 33rd birthday celebration in high spirits on Saturday, December 17th 2022.

Dede Ayew had positive sentiments from all around the world and afterward, had a visit from two of Africa’s most prolific music acts.

Nigerian whiz Davido and his close friend, Ghanaian dancehall hotshot Stonebwoy, visited Dede Ayew on his most special day.

Davido poured out praises on the Black Stars skipper, calling him a legend and wishing him an exceptionally belated birthday.

Stonebwoy additionally had the same expressions of acclaim and sincere regards for the Ghanaian captain.

Davido went to Qatar to perform at the World Cup’s closing ceremony, while Stonebwoy previously had a stupendous performace at the FIFA World Cup Qatar Fan Festival.

Dede resides in Qatar where he plays for his club, Al-Sadd.

A very happy birthday to the Ghanaian captain, as he marks another year full of fruitful expectations in his life.

Stonebwoy, who was on the pedastal of global recognition when he was called to the occasion , combined his strong brand and intrinsic musical talent, as he performed at the FIFA Fan Festival in Qatar, on Friday, December 16, 2022, as the recently disseminated information made available on social media platforms indicated.

The Ghanaian Dancehall musician, championed his thrilling performance by asking the energized crowd, consisting of over 40,000 soccer fans, to petition God on behalf of Nigerian star Davido, following the unfortunate loss of his son, David Ifeanyi Adeleke, to the merciless hold of death, as he drowned some weeks ago.

Evidently, the Bhim Nation leader joined musicians like Patoranking, Kizz Daniel, Davido, and other different acts from various countries to perform at the FIFA Fan Festival event in Qatar.

The FIFA Fan Festivals are socially oriented events coordinated by FIFA and the host cities during the FIFA World Cup. FIFA Fan Festivals, at first named FIFA Fan Fests, followed the progress of social reactions at the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea, and since then, turned into a pivotal element of the tournament since the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.

Fan Festival events are scheduled in famous venues of the host cities, and display broadcasts of football matches on eligible screens, live shows, parties, food, refreshments, amidst other kinds of entertaining activities.

In 2022, FIFA once again introduced Fan Festivals under the new name for the 2022 FIFA World Cup held in Qatar, based on information sourced from Wikipedia.

Davido and Stonebwoy have reunited after an extended period of time, and their manly relationship towards one another, has left their fans engulfed with emotions.

The Ghanaian and the Nigerian musician have met in Qatar. Both African music maestro’s are in the Arab country for their distinctive performances, as the World Cup reaches a conclusion.

Davido has been billed to perform at the closing ceremony, while Stonebwoy is geared to excite football fans at the fan festival on Friday, December 16, 2022 in Doha.

This will be the first time the ‘Activate’ crooners meet up close and personal, after the Nigerian star lost his son. Davido’s three year old son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, met his untimely death on the night of 31st October, 2022, after he supposedly drowned in a private pool at his family’s mansion in Lagos.

Responding the news, Stonebwoy shared an expression of petition for Davido and Chioma. “God Comfort and Strengthen Their hearts. Let This Heavily Unbearable Hit Oh Lord become the very contact Point of eternal bond, Joy and Happiness and prosperity for the Young Couple and families Blessed with many seeds when they look back at it,” the Ghanaian vocalist prayed.

Stonebwoy’s prayer.

In a post shared on his confirmed snapchat account, he ended his supplication, as he wrote, “THE GOLIATHS OF @DAVIDO SEEMS TO CEASE NOT BUT SO SHALL HIS VICTOTIES NEVER CEASE”.

A handful of Nigerians have hauled Wizkid into the drains after he was unable to make an appearance for the ‘Wizkid Live Show’ concert.

As per reports, patrons who went to the show, and built up anticipation to see Wizkid were left in disappointment when the Nigerian whiz was a no show at his own concert.

A couple of Nigerians have hauled Wizkid, as they make comparisons between him and Nigerian megastar Davido. As per some Nigerians, Davido could never leave his fans out in the empty wind like Wizkid.

Read through the following remarks beneath and look at their reaction…

@Leadyskin: That’s why Davido is always the best of them all.
He would never do this!💯

@babykendra: Davido will always be 🐐🐐

@callme.fathima: Wizkid is overrated, Mayorkun and kiss Daniel sings better than him. 📌

@kiki: Davido would never do this. But what do I know 🤷🏾‍♀️

@Cici_nita: Who Dey teach una popsy all these bad habit😂😂😂

Nigerian artiste, Davido, has purportedly given the green light to get back on the music saddle with a performance at the World Cup closing ceremony in a little more than seven days’ time.

Stephen Hung, an entrepreneur from Hong Kong, affirmed the news, disclosing that back channel talks taken in order to get the Nigerian act for the noteworthy occasion has been finalized.

“So happy my bro @davido confirmed he will perform at the World Cup Qatar closing ceremony. Can’t wait to see him there,” Hung happily expressed on social media.

The World Cup final is scheduled for Sunday, December 18th, with the closing ceremony to occur not long before the new World Cup Champion is chosen based on 90 minutes of football play.

Davido is presently mourning in the wake of losing his 3-year-old son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, due to a drowning accident.

Ifeanyi, the son of Davido and his third baby mama, who is now reportedly considered his wife, Chioma Rowland, drowned in the pool at the musician’s Banana Island mansion.

He was pronounced dead nearly two months ago and from that point forward, the musician has been in grieving with restricted public appearances.

His music profession has additionally been on hold after the incident.

According to this new update, his comeback to music is set for launch on December 18th.

Confirmation of Davido’s return to music officially announced.

All fingers are crossed, in high hopes of Davido making his return to the music scene after enduring a tragic phase of grieve and pain, following his son’s death.

Davido and Chioma are supposedly married as per recent reports and photographs.

The couple are said to have sealed the deal after the unexpected death of their 3-year-old son, a couple of weeks prior.

The Nigerian vocalist lost his son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, after reports emerged on the night of 31st October 2022, that the 3-year-old boy purportedly drowned in a private pool at the family’s home in Lagos.

As per reports, Davido took care of Chioma’s dowry to ensure that their son’s legitimacy is confirmed, to be generally perceived as the offspring of the Nigerian artist.

Davido and Chioma looking good inna family portrait.

“If he doesn’t marry her. The baby boy won’t be buried as an Adeleke. He will belong to chrome’s family And will be buried as a Rowland instead Remember chioma is igbo David is yuroba So he had to pay his bride price to be able to claim the son,” a social media observer indicated.

Davido and Chioma were interestingly sighted in public after their son’s passing. The couple made their appearance on Sunday morning for the inaugural event of Davido’s Uncle, Ademola Adeleke, who was instated as the 6th Governor of Osun state.

To the surprise of fans, photographs from the service showed that the couple had rings on their wedding fingers, and this has yet again triggered bits of gossip that the lovebirds actually got married at a private function.

Nigerian blogger, Tunde Ednut, who is a close partner of Davido, likewise posted the photograph of Davido and Chioma and magnified the ring on their fingers. “Wait! Can you see it?” he reacted to the post and added a ring emoji.

Another netizen upon seeing a ring on Davido’s finger likewise expressed, “is that Davido’s wedding band? Nigeria’s sweethearts David&Chioma Adeleke are truly married. Wishing the Adeleke’s a successful, drama free inauguration today, protection upon the Adeleke’s.Also protection over David’s crew and entire 30BG. Peace and comfort upon sweet CHI”.

Davido’s wealthy father is making waves on social media in the wake of intruding the progress of a family photograph to ask about the whereabouts of his daughter-in-law, Chioma Adeleke, previously known as Chioma Avril Rowland.

Fans can only express their admiration for the Adeleke family’s praiseworthy exhibition of solidarity, and genuine connection.

You ought to remember that the Grammy award-winning musician made his first public appearance yesterday, November 27, 2022, to support Ademola Adeleke, his uncle, who was affirmed as the new Governor of Osun State.

Davido at his uncle’s inaugural service.

Davido’s father, Chief Adedeji Adeleke, interrupted the family photoshoot, to inquire as to the whereabouts Chioma. Davido, per the substance of a viral video, talked quietly whiles responding to his father.

Given the course of events during the occasion, fans have appreciated the profound degree of Chioma’s worth to Davido and his immediate family.

Look at the reactions of fans below;

One Thecheress wrote, “You can tell from this that Davido’s father doesn’t joke with Chioma. Listen to how he asked with fierce “Where’s Chioma???? Awwwn God bless you”

One Dazzling wrote, “Awww so lovey Davido’s dad asking where is Chioma”

Janeylicious Jackson wrote, “When your father-in-law loves you just as you love their son…now David where’s Chioma?”

One Foresightliving wrote, “Where is Chioma she is coming P man… If you are good gou will never be forgotten I am sure of that”

One Keisha Wesley wrote, “A father in love”

One Phapi Victor wrote, “The whole family so concerned about their wife Chi, the Adelekes are such a sweet family”.

At long last some uplifting news from the camp of David Adedeji Adeleke, otherwise known as Davido, has surfaced.

The Artist has made his first public appearance after the death of his son, Ifeanyi.

Davido was sighted at his Uncle’s initiation service as Governor in Osun State, Nigeria.

Wearing a customary formal attire with a dark set of glasses to conceal his eyes from the people around him, Davido engaged in a conversation with others at the function.

One thing that couldn’t be missed about his first appearance was his wedding ring that he wasn’t making any endeavor to conceal away from general public.

Mr. Adeleke subtly wedded his life partner, Chioma Rowland on the 11th of November, 2022 while grieving their son, Ifeanyi.

Davido took a break from social media for nearly a month now to grieve his son, Ifeanyi who met his tragic death on the 31st of October, 2022.

A few stressed fans even proposed embarking on a walk on his birthday to encourage him, as their way for grieving with him.

On the 21st of November, 2022, Davido turned 30, however, he didn’t celebrate his birthday lavishly as he used to.

Seeing him openly again is a much needed refresher to his fans who can hardly sit tight for him to get back on his routine once more.

Puissant Ghanaian prophet, Senior Servant Baffour is creating a ruckus on Instagram.

The godly man is causing public fear and unrest in the wake of implying that an aura of death is surounding famous Nigerian artiste Davido.

Taking to social media, Senior Servant Baffour expressed that he hopes Davido’s spiritualists save him from impending misfortunes.

He proceeded to say Davido can’t leave that early.

The godly man made this worrisome post whiles wishing the musician a happy birthday.

He wrote the following words, ‘Happy Birthday African Gem… For what lies ahead, I only hope Spiritualists help. You can’t leave that early 🤐🙏‘

Prophet Senior Servant Baffour’s prophecy.

His negative prediction comes after Davido celebrated his birthday on Monday, November 21, 2022.

Understandably, Davido couldn’t celebrate his birthday as arranged before, in light of his son’s death. In any case, his friends, family, and fans celebrated him profusely on social media yesterday.

They appealed to God on his behalf, and wished him to enjoy all that life has to offer in the years to come.

However, this dreadful prophecy is causing enormous fear among ardent fans of Davido.

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