Brave Sugar Daddy Reveals Why He Arrested Side Chic (Details)

A brave sugar daddy has finally arrested his side chic who blackmailed him with adult videos of himself and his wife to a tune of millions of naira.

Sugar Daddy

A brave sugar daddy has been trending since morning and it’s all about how he arrested his side chic. According to the man who shared his story via the young lady’s Instagram page stated that she stole his password to access bedroom videos he made with his wife.

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Sharing a video of her in police custody, the sugar daddy who found closure after tracking her down applauded the Nigeria Police for their effort.

“Your friend olamide precious ajayi stole my phone password. She went further to steal sxx videos and pictures of myself and my wife. She used this as a tool to blackmail me and to obtain money from me in millions.

She also sent those videos to several people over the internet on several occasions. She will face the full extent of the law.

Thanks to the Nigeria police force and dss abuja for tracking her phone number down with GPS technology she was picked up from her residence and is now behind bars.

Life lesson for you all. Do not tamper with other people’s private information there are consequences to every action.”

Watch the video below …


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