What You Need To Know About Sophie Bourgeois, Alain Lapointe, and Melanie Savard

Sophie Bourgeois


When speaking of a French actress, the names of Melanie Savard and Sophie Bourgeois usually come to mind. However, there are other actresses whose names are equally as interesting and fascinating: Alain Lapointe, Francois Jean-clot, and Melanie Savard. However, if you’d like to know more about the actress Sophie Bourgeois, you’ll want to keep reading!

Sophie Bourgeois

The Canadian actress Sophie Bourgeois is married to French actor Marc Beland. The couple was married for two years, but the relationship ended in 2005. The couple had two children. During this period, Sophie began to appear in movies and television shows.

She made her screen debut in 1999 as the sister of Rene Levesque, in the film Cornemuse.

She also starred in the television series Maman Final Name, starring opposite Patrick Huard. In 2001, she won the Gemini Award for best entertainer in a teenage drama.

Melanie Savard

The funeral service for Patrick Bourgeois took place at the church where the couple had been married for 17 years. The singer’s wife, Melanie Savard, shared the same crematorium as her late husband, and she wished to pay tribute to him by making a speech. It was followed by a reception in which friends and family members offered condolences. The singer’s wife, Sophie Bourgeois, also paid her respects.

Alain Lapointe

Francois Jean, Alain Lapointe, and Sophie Bourgeois were members of the band BB, active from 1989 to 2017. They were franc successes during the 80s. The band’s titles often reached the top of the charts. Their songs have influenced a generation. They were married for 10 years before deciding to divorce in 2012.

Francois Jean clot

The death of Francois Jean Clot, the lead singer of Canadian rock band Les BB, has left an enormous hole in the artistic community. His death was welcomed by an entire generation of fans who enjoyed his music. His death also marks a new beginning in the Bourgeois family. The couple had been dating for about ten years. In 2017, they wed in a secret ceremony.

Maxime Lalanne

The funeral of Patrick Bourgeois, the lead singer of the B.B., took place on October 28th in Sainte-Therese-d’Avila, Quebec. It was an open casket funeral in keeping with the wishes of the couple. His body was laid to rest at the Sainte-Therese-d’Avila church. The funeral service concluded with the singing of Amazing Grace.

Maxime Lalanne et Emmanuel Auger

Patrick Bourgeois, a member of the legendary group the B.B., passed away in his sleep on May 22. At his funeral, his family gathered at the Sainte-Therese-d’Avila church in Sainte-Therese. The deceased had requested an open funeral. Emmanuel Auger and Maxime Lalanne attended the service together.



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