Reynaldo Mulawin and Tonylyn Mulawin

reynaldo mulawin

Whenever we hear the name of Reynaldo Mulawin, we automatically think of his mother, Tonylyn Mulawin. This is the case, but the truth is much different. The entrepreneur is also a mother of three, and her name may also be familiar to you. Tonylyn is also the mother of two of her children, Reynaldo Jr.

Tonylyn Mulawin

Reynaldo Mulawin has been married to Tonylyn Mulawin since 2006. The couple has a son, Reynaldo, who is a singer-songwriter, and a daughter, Donnalyn. Donnalyn was born in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, and is one of the first girl rappers in the Philippines. She studied at St. Xavier College in the Philippines, and is currently a YouTube sensation.

Donnalyn Bartolome was born in Japan, and her full name is Donnalyn Jereos Bartolome. She is a singer, actress, and vlogger. Her best-known movies include Girlfriend For Hire (2016), Talk Back and You’re Dead (2014), and Jacqueline Comes Home (2018). Her parents acted in the film “Crazy Hearts,” but didn’t really want their children to watch it.

Donnalyn Bartolome is a Filipina-American. She was born to a father who is a senior party officer in the united states navy. She has two younger brothers and sisters. When her parents were away, she was the babysitter, taking care of her siblings. Although Bret Jackson was rumored to be dating her, the two are probably single and focusing on their career.

What Is The Net Worth Of Donnalyn Bartolome- Earnings Explored

As of 2022, the net worth of Donnalyn Bartolome is still under review, but we estimate it to be in the millions. She makes her living by working under Viva Artist Agency as a singer and songwriter.

She released her first album Kakaibabe in 2014 and received moderate responses. Since then, she has gone on to work on five albums, Surprise, HBD, Social media Goddess, Happy Break-Up, and OMO.

She also has a youtube channel with 9.93 million subscribers where she creates lifestyle content and music videos.


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