See what a female prison officer is caught doing with an inmate at the prison yard — Video

female prison officer

A female prison officer and a physically challenged prisoner were seen dancing to Bahati’s hit song “Adhiambo,” which features Prince Indah, during a leisurely gathering at the facility.

People have started sharing videos of themselves practicing dance routines after seeing the widely shared video of the Kenyan prisoner and the officer having fun online.

The viral video, which was first posted on the @patricksafariR Twitter page, has received over 60K views and generated a lot of discussion among internet users.

Fellow prisoners also joined in the festivities, cheering and applauding their colleague and the warden as they danced along to Bahati’s hit song.

Despite his physical challenges and incarceration, the inmate seized the opportunity to enjoy the moment with the warden. Initially dancing while supporting himself with crutches, he eventually discarded them and embraced the warden’s arms as they swayed to the music.

[Watch the video here] (link)

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