See the Beautiful Photos of Thelma Chiaka & Her Sextuplets

Thelma Chiaka is the glad and wonderful mum to 6 children, is two girls and four boys.

The stunning mum and her kids postured for an exceptionally snazzy photo, and trust us when we say it’s the cutest thing you’ll see on the web today. Since the photographs were delivered by picture taker Portraits by Emem, we haven’t had the option to quit spouting over them.

In a meeting with Lagos Mums, she expressed that she had no clue she was conveying six youngsters. As indicated by her, the underlying sweep uncovered that they were anticipating four youngsters, and they were given truly incredible amazement upon the arrival of birth.

We didn’t know we were having 6 babies. The initial scan showed 4. We only got to know they were six on the day of delivery. I was so excited having waited for some time for God to bless us with such beautiful gifts.

Motherhood, like many other mothers, has taught her a lot, and this is what she learned:

Motherhood made me realize the amount of inner strength that I never knew I had. Being a mum has taught me the act of patience, kindness, selflessness and commitment. Motherhood is more than wearing the title, its about wanting more for your children even if it is more than you’ve had.