Racism in Europe is so terrifying – White Guy Narrates What A Nigerian Told Him


Racism has become a normal thing for most Europeans. Sometimes we hear stories of Africans who are racially abused. Here is another sad story.

A guy with the Twitter handle Lukas Slothuus has revealed what his Nigerian friend told him about being racially abused. His lengthy post has attracted so many reactions on social media, especially on Twitter.

Below is what Lukas Slothuus posted;

Racism in Europe is so terrifying. Was chatting to a Nigerian guy living in Germany on the train the other day. He said one day during a storm a tree on his street fell down and blocked the pavement. He decided to pick it up and move it out of the way so people could pass…

He then spotted an elderly white woman looking out through a window in her flat. She was shaking her head. After he’s done clearing the pavement of tree debris he’s ready to go home. Next thing he knows, German police arrive saying they’ve had reports of a suspicious-looking man.

The principal of his son’s school called him in because his son was ‘unruly’. ‘He’s five years old and I am raising him to stick up for himself and be proud’ he said. Otherwise he will get bullied forever. His son is the only black kid in the school.

He said ‘sometimes the racism is so bad that I know I have to pack my bags and go back to Nigeria. I’ll forever be a black man in a white country that doesn’t want me’. At work he has to stop himself from going over to a corner and start crying after yet another racist incident.

He has a university degree from Nigeria, is a native speaker of English and French, and learnt German, Spanish, Italian from working all over Europe. He then showed me his scars from acid burns all over his arms from his dangerous manual job in Germany.

When we’re bombarded with claims of ‘woke nonsense’ every day it’s useful to remember the stories of actual people who have to endure the reality of racism that the media and right-wing politicians pretend is made up by radical academics. Yet it’s their denial that’s made up!

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