Popular Snapchat nυdist, Abena Marie charges 100gh for virtual party, and netizens pay to watch

Netizens are willing to pay to watch Snapchat n*dist Abena Marie, who is currently planning a virtual party.

Abena Marie has already set a price of cool GH100 for the Snapchat party that she will host in coming December. She also made it known that she is expecting and at the same time asking netizens to pay and join in the virtual party in a video.

Abena Marie promised to make them feel good or she will provide the best pleasure to their probing eyes.

Though her announcement has already received negative responses or reactions, it has already been confirmed that many social media users particularly men, are willing to pay the fee if Ghc 100 to see her.

Abena Marie has also teased what those who are willing to pay can expect with a small freestyle.

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She wrote: Herh Herh, you guys don't respect me because I'm trying to assist you relieve tension, and you're disrespecting me? You should come to my virtual party and observe what goes on; you'll fall in love with my girlfriends and I.

Abena Marie was seen streaking her boobs in a new video, inviting everyone to attend the virtual party for GH100. Those who pay will be able to watch her celebration on Snapchat, according to the virtual party.

In recent times, that has become the norm on Instagram and other platforms, and Abena Marie will be presenting her fourth edition, yes, the fourth edition.

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