Reactions As Pineapple Containing A Picture Of A Man & A Woman Found In The Sea Goes Viral

We have chanced upon a post that captured an awkward photo that involved a pineapple that had a picture of a man and a woman.

Per what we gathered, the pineapple was found in the sea and after hitting the internet it has garnered some varied reactions with many believing it to be a love charm.

Check out the photo below;

Some reactions the photo got are;

KingFatmah Omar – Close that pineapple and return it to the sea please…. already the fights have started😂😂

Grace Ofomata – Immediately they open the pineapple both of them will be f.ighting like cat and rat🤣

Denise Bassaw – Awwww you spoil the sweet love. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂. Someones husband is going back home p3333

Asonaba Kwadwo Nomafo – Aww who will do this to me. Sweet Love never bitter until Maame Wata is Bitter, it shall never break

Mable Mus – Someone is visiting the shrine very unhappy tomorrow and asking for a new potion. People just can’t mind their own business

Sikansuo Rho Delle – Pineapple is sweet so shall this love be sweet too. Who asked you to open it? You’ll do aahhh they’ll start fighting 😂😂😂. Katum biom 🤣

Saviour E Ketti – Take it home. Open it up for three days and close it for one day😂😂 there will be confusion 3 days and sweet love one day in the relationship 😂😂😂

Francis Kotche – With all these current happenings in this country where we are trying to survive and better our lives under the reign of pharaoh, you guys thinks about nothing better but love charms. Misplaced priority paaa nie


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