Photos of the nursing training student who died in a gory accident with her alleged ‘sakawa’ boyfriend

nursing training student

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Hamdiya, a young nursing student, and Rich Hommie, her boyfriend from Sakawa, perished in a terrible accident.

The tragic event happened in the Kumasi suburb of Atonsu, shrouding the neighborhood in sorrow.

According to reports, last Friday’s tragic accident occurred when Hamdiya, a stunning level 200 nursing student, went to see her boyfriend.

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The harmless visit took a tragic turn when the couple perished in a gory accident in Atonsu.

Sources suggest that Rich Hommie, the boyfriend, was overspeeding at the time of the incident, leading to a collision that resulted in the vehicle plunging into a large gutter.

A short video from the accident scene that has landed on social media and gone rife in the process shows the lifeless bodies of both Hamdiya and Rich Hommien been pulled out of the super damaged car.

Friends and people who know Hamdiya off social media have taken to their timelines on the various social media pages to mourn her demise.

In the same light, friends and people who know Rich Hommie off social media have also taken to their timelines to mourn his untimely demise.


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