Opanka gave me a place to sleep when I was just a studio rat – Ephraim Beatz

Ghanaian musician and producer, Ephraim Beatz has recently shared a heartwarming story about the support he received from fellow artist Opanka when he was starting his musical career.

Speaking on the show “Adwuma Adwuma” with Osei Felicia which was monitored by Ghnewslive.com, Ephraim recounted how ‘Boo Bi yede’ rapper extended a helping hand to him, even when they were still strangers.

Ephraim Beatz revealed that his friendship with Opanka began before their respective music careers took off.

“I think ever since I started music, we’ve known each other. He started music before me. He became my friend because he helped me when he didn’t even know me,” he disclosed.

Opanka, who had started in music earlier than Ephraim, became a pivotal figure in his life. Despite not knowing each other well, Opanka offered him a place to sleep and food to eat one cold evening while the studio session was still ongoing

“I was sleeping in the studio, met Mix studio. Shoutout to Met Mix. So in the evening when everyone leaves, I clean up the studio and sleep but there was one night it was raining and the artistes were still recording and I was outside when Opanka and he said ‘Gentleman it’s cold won’t you go and sleep’ then I told him that I sleep in the studio,” he narrated

According to Ephraim, Opanka went into the studio, got some food and returned before asking him to join him in his home.

“He went inside and came back and said let’s go home. That was the first time I was meeting each other. He went to buy food and we ate together then I went to sleep,” he added.

For Ephraim, this encounter with Opanka was more than just a gesture of kindness as it helped him in a distressing time in his life.

“It had been a long time since I slept on a mattress so I woke up late the next day. He treated me well,” he told Felicia Osei on Onua Fm

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