‘No place like home, Never Leave Ghana For Greener Pastures’ – French Ambassador to Ghanaians

French ambassador wants young Ghanaians to stay home and build the country by playing their role.

French Ambassador

Ann Sophie-Ave is one of the popular foreign ambassadors in Ghana, she is representing France or in other words, she is the French Ambassador here in Ghana.

Anne Sophie-Ave loves Ghana and we can see that through her massive support for Ghanaians especially those in the entertainment sector. She has done a good job by inviting so many top musicians in the country and has also granted so many interviews with top Ghanaian bloggers like ZionFelix and the rest.

During one of the interviews, she advised young Ghanaians to stay home and build Ghana because there is no place like home.

Ann Sophie-Ave made the comments while addressing students this week (February 17, 2022) at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

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Sophie-Ave had been invited as the Special Guest to grace the inaugural National Union of Ghana Students, NUGS, General Assembly sitting which took place at the KSB Block C Auditorium.

“You shouldn’t leave the country (Ghana) for greener pastures elsewhere, there’s no place like home,” she advised in her brief comments to students present.

She also underlined the importance of women to the economy and economic development of a country. “Mothers are the pillars of the economy,” she added in comments posted on the page of a campus news platform, WatsUpTek.

As expected, commenters of the post had some questions, as was the case with user Valentine Mark who asked: “Why ain’t you home” to which the ambassador replied: “Life of a diplomat.”

Stop harassing me for visas on social media

The ambassador, by far the most active diplomat on social media, in early February had cause to clarify her role as representative of her country in Ghana.

According to her, she has been the victim of constant pestering from some Ghanaians who ask her for assistance to acquire visas.

But speaking on the program, Top Assignment, aired on Joy Prime, Anne Sophie-Ave asked that persons harassing her for visas put an end to their actions as she has no role in procuring and processing visas.

She noted that the role of the French Consulate which is in charge of processing visa applications is completely autonomous from the embassy which she heads.

“There’s no point calling me; there’s no point harassing me on social media. I cannot do a visa. The decision is made by French Immigration.

“Thanks to the interconnection and the internet, everything is now remotely decided and all we do when we get the agreement is to print the visa and stick it on your passport. We don’t make and we don’t overturn decisions made by the Immigration Service,” she stated.

While encouraging Ghanaians to use appropriate channels for their French visa applications, Ambassador Sophie-Avé, noted that there are laid down procedures leading to the acquisition of visas.

SOURCE: www.ghnewslive.com