Netizens React To Video Of Shatta Bundle’s Wife; She’s too hot for Bandle

Shatta Bundle

Video of the alleged girlfriend of popular Shatta Bundle has sent social media users talking.

Netizens spotted this video online and since then there has been some massive arguing that there is no way Shatta Bundle could woo such a lady into a relationship.

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Others also raised that the lady could have fallen for Shatta Bandle because of his money and fame and that is what most ladies want regardless of how the man looks like they are much interested in what they will get.

The pretty lady, who is also diminutive like Bandle was busy dancing to Kelvynboy’s new song Down Flat.

She danced perfectly and her swag in front of the camera made many admire her and not troll her height.

Comments under the video suggested that she was a perfect date for Shatta Bandle while others claimed she was too hot for Bandle.

Do you think the young billionaire can handle her steeze or she is too hot for him.

Watch her below and tell us what you think.


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