[VIDEO] Reactions As Nana Agradaa Boldly & Fearlessly Mentions Wrong Bible Verses On Live Radio

Born-again Ghanaian priestess, Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng who is widely known as Nana Agradaa is in the news again.

This time, Nana Agradaa is in the news for giving us some wrong Bible verses and this comes just after she made a huge grammatical error when pronouncing ‘alter call’.

The loud evangelist visited the studios of Okay FM to preach and she could be heard saying “when you go to Mathew chapter 28 verse number 50, 40 and 44”.

This got people curious as some Bible scholars on social media clearly saw that she has done her thing again as it was revealed that Mathew 28 doesn’t have up to 50 verses.

Watch the Nana Agradaa’s video below;

The video garnered a lot of reactions as one Tiktok user said; “Mathew 28 doesn’t 50, from what I have read it ended at 20. See if God hasn’t called you, don’t go and force it” whilst showing off a bible in his hands, he added “I’ve looked through Mathew 28 and there’s 50 in it”.

Other reactions are;

Stephen Nana Kofi Badu – I don’t know the work of Ghana Christian council…this woman is throwing dust into people eyes 👀 and they are all there looking at her …..you can’t do such stupid things in Muslim

Irene Atippoe – My problem is not the woman oo, it is the people sitting there as church members 🤦🏽‍♀️

Abraham Amankwaa – I’m still confused why Ghana is hesitating to go the Rwandan way. Just as one goes under training to become a medical practitioner or any other professional, why does the state allow anybody at all to pick up a Bible and confuse poor souls. Their naive indoctrinations and closemindedness is what is killing the creativity and independence of the Ghanaian mass and youth. God will just watch on, where commonsense has to be applied. #commonsense

Source: www.ghnewslive.com