Mixed Reactions As Two Young Men Post The Same Lady On Social Media As Their Girlfriend on Valentine’s day (+VIDEO)

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Valentine’s day has brought issues as two guys post the same lady on their social media


Valentine’s day wahala, a lady is trending, and here is why: In today’s world, some women like to date two or more men at the same time. Ladies in this type of relationship become astute at not letting the guys know that they are dating someone else.

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They don’t usually post the guys they’re dating on social media, and they make sure to schedule their time so that the men do not require their presence at the same time.

The lady in your photo, on the other hand, was not so lucky, as she was revealed after two young men shared her on their social media accounts.

The lady with these two separate guys is the same person, according to the individual who submitted this video on social media. She was without a wig when she visited one guy and with a wig when she visited the other guy.


Watching the video carefully, you can see that this is true as the lady’s nose, mouth, facial expression, skin color, height and everything about her physical structure is the same in both videos posted by the guys on social media.

Some social media after coming across this video stated that there is a high probability that one of the guys is richer than the other and one satisfies her well in bed.

This might be the reason why she was dating both. Others said that this really painful as the guys might be going through pains after getting to know that the lady they love soo much loves somebody else.

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