‘Any Man Who Can’t Buy Bags, Shoes & Other Expensive Things For His Woman Should Stay Away From Her’ – Lady Says

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A recent post made by a lady has set social media on fire and has called for the wrath of men.

In the post, the lady stated that without fear that any man who finds it very difficult to spend on his girlfriend or wife has no business being with her adding that any man in a relationship should never ask a lady to use her salary to buy things like bags, shoes, and others because a man is supposed to buy these things for his fiancee.

The post reads;

“Hi Auntie Momoza. Why do men of these days find it normal not to provide for their women? As a man it’s your duty to take care of your woman even if she’s working. A salary of a woman who is in a relationship must only be used for emergencies. Nails, hair, toiletries, clothes, food, bags, shoes, make up etc must be bought by a man. He must also make sure he spoils her rotten. Presents and baecations build a strong relationship. If she has a car he must sure the tank never goes empty. If you can’t afford this as a man then stay away from women. Our grandmothers respected our grandfathers because they provided for them. You can’t expect respect or anything from me if you do not provide for me. Men who can’t afford to take care of their women must date their gender and leave us alone.
Lolo from Bela Bela.”


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