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Meet The Soldier Who Killed Osama bin Laden And Why He Was Fired After The Mission

Meet The Soldier Who Killed Osama bin Laden

Since the September 11th attacks, there has been an international search that has lasted over a decade. During an operation carried out by a team of 23 U.S. Navy Seals, the Al Qaeda commander, who was 54 years old, was slain.

The raid on Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, lasted 40 minutes and resulted in the death of one person.

Osama bin Laden committed several terrorist crimes, including the bombing of several United States embassies, as well as the commencement of an attack on the White House.

Osama bin Laden gave the United States such a difficult time that the military had to dig deeper and develop stronger ammo and weaponry in order to track him down.

Osama bin Laden’s headquarters in Pakistan, near the town of Abbottabad, where the former US President Barack Obama planned to ambush him, was murdered by the Führer on his visit to the country.

Despite the fact that we were aided by the Criminal Investigation Agency, we only had six people working on the task (CIA). One of the six was responsible for the death of Osama bin Laden.When it comes to comparable missions, the team believes that there are no differences or awards to be given.

Despite the fact that the team members had promised to honor their word, one of them went against the group and received the prize instead of the others.

According to reputable sources, Osama bin Laden was targeted by the six members of Seal Team O’Neil when he disclosed his actual name in an interview that was leaked, prompting the team to take action.

Following the Code of Silence, O’Neil was the only individual who should have had access to this information, according to the document.

The code of silence is an oath taken by the team in order to keep the team’s secrets private, and breaking it might result in the death of the whole team or their dismissal.

Despite the fact that others had missed their shots, O’Neill claimed that he was the only one who managed to hit the mark with his iron.

He was fired from the team after several years of service as a result of his comments. They have decided to adhere to a stringent code of silence in order to keep the operation a secret.

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