Meet American Rapper Ms. Boogie, A Beautiful Transgender Formerly Known As Jay Boogie

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I am sure you are aware when you hear Jay Boogie, you quickly refer to the Nigerian transgender by the name Daniel Anthony. However, before the advent of Daniel Anthony in the trans world, there was a person who goes by the name, Jay Boogie and in this article, we would be talking about this Jay Boogie.

Ms Boogie, formerly known as Jay Boogie is one of the popular transgender in the world who has done remarkably in the trans world, and using ‘she and woman’ for the beautiful transgender won’t be an exaggeration as she now looks completely, woman.

Ms. Boogie who was born on 8th April 1991 as Jay Boogie reintroduced her name as Rose Isabel Rayos taking the name of her grandmother is an American Rapper based in Brooklyn. The beautiful lady is of Dominican and Colombian descent who has lived most of her life in Brooklyn, East New York.

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The talented transgender is an amazing rapper who is doing very well in the entertainment industry as she has scores of songs already released. According to research, Ms Boogie started performing her music 6 years ago in New York in a rave circuit warehouse where she discovered her amazing talents.

In a very dominated men’s industry, Ms. Boogie was able to successfully get people’s attention as she also walked in New York Ballroom to get recognition which later bent with her rap style. Ms. Boogie’s music goal is to uplifts, encourages, and support black transgender women.

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According to Ms. Boogie, she believes her transition is inevitable as she was walking towards her destiny to reclaimed ownership of her womanhood. The popular transgender is a trans activist who actively supported Bobrisky during her years of transition into a transgender. The beautiful lady has posted the Nigerian crossdresser on her page on Instagram page twice showing support for Bobrisky.

The 30-Years-Old Ms. Boogie has evolved totally and would be an inspiration for the likes of Bobrisky, the Nigerian Jay Boogie, and many other transgenders that are hoping to become one of the hotshot transgender in the world.

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Transgender Ms Boogie america

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