Man Shocked After Seeing Someone’s Hand In The Fufu He Bought At A Local Chop Bar

We have seen a post that uncovered how a young man was profoundly shocked. This man referenced in the post that he saw somebody’s hand in the fufu he purchased from a nearby slash bar.

He made this said post on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter, and sharing some photos, he wrote;

“I went to this chop bar somewhere in the eastern region to cut off the days quest with some loaded fufu and bush meat and this is what I got. Can you imagine this, all in the name of bush meat. The meat tasted funny until I met somebody’s fingers in my soup by then fufu finish.”

Netizens who saw the post responded and as per some who have insight in eating from neighborhood food joints, this is really the hand of a creature in the hedge and not the hand of an individual.

Check out some reactions below;

@akwaysi – Ah? Serious? Which side for ER?

@iJlampz – That’s bush meat bro. But it looks like a raccoon to me

@BankuStew – Nxt tym be specific on the type of bush meat u want….u make lucky dem no give you python

@sikay3mogya_1 – ibi 3foc… the adage that says if u dey chew 3foc nsa aa watch urs… has same look as the human finger

@WizzleEl – Make someone clear things give we abeg. This be raccoon or monkey or aborted human?

@BorgabaMccoy – I b monkey meat 3foc there’s a proverb that goes like wo we 3foc nsa no na wahw3 wo de3 literally monkeys hands look like the human hand


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