Man Shares Sad Story On How He Managed To Travel From Libya to Italy by the Mediterranean Sea


Full Story of a Man who managed To Travel From Libya to Italy by the Mediterranean Sea

The story of Africans who travel to Europe by illegal means has been told severally by many people. Despite the horror and dangers involved by this means of traveling, people still get the courage to take the step.

In this article we are going to read the story of a Young Ghanaian man living in Italy, and how he made it through Libya, and finally landed in Italy by the Mediterranean Sea. Before the story, Research shows that an estimate of 1,600 people have died or gone missing on the Mediterranean Sea every year.

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According to the Ghanaian man living in Italy Known as King David, the journey begins once you pay your connection fee to the Libyans who own the Boat made of rubber. He stated that they do not care about the number of immigrants who enter the boat all they care for is their money. And they are not going to give you a Boat driver, they teach one of the immigrants how to operate the Boat, and teach one person how to read the compass.


He stated that The Boat will be scheduled to take off at midnight to help them bypass the Libyan Navy who may be patrolling on the sea. He further explained that they will give them an extra fuel tank to help them power the Boat in case they run out of fuel. He was thought how to drive the Boat within the shortest time and they took off.

He went on to explain that, after 30Mins of take-off, they lost their root and didn’t know where they were heading to. After a while, they were completely lost on the Mediterranean Sea. He mentioned that they saw some Dolphins swimming and decided to follow the Animals with the hope of getting to the shores of Libya or Italy. In no time they realize that the seawater was entering the Boat, and people began to panic.

In no time the Boat was gradually sinking and they had a phone which will help them talk to the Libyan connection men, but anytime they tried calling the network wouldn’t permit them to reach them. According to him at that point, he knew his life had come to an end. The expression on people’s faces was the hope of loss and everything seemed to come to an end.


He further explained that after a while of roaming on the sea, they had contact with the Libyan connection men through the phone, and they gave them directions telling them where they are is out of Libya and they are completely lost. So they followed their direction and gradually saw an Italy Rescue Ship approaching them. He said just minutes after they saw the ship, their Boat Burst into 2, living them to swim for their lives to the rescue ship.

He continued that, the Rescue ship threw a life jacket into the sea and people had to rush for it, according to him, half of them died as some could not swim for the live jacket. Women and kids were all part of the journey. In short, they were rescued and taken to the Refugee Camp, where they were given asylum and their details taken.

He advised his fellow Africans not to fall for any connection man who promise to take them to Europe through Libya or the Mediterranean Sea. He’s currently living in Italy and working. He also explained that this time if you are caught traveling illegally you can be sent to prison and later deported back to your country.

Article credit: @Dailynews360 on IG

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