Man Seeks Advice- My Ex-Girlfriend Is Married Yet She Disturbs Me With Upkeep Money


A Young Man whose ex-girlfriend got married 2 years ago continues to disturb him with upkeep money. spotted this particular post on Facebook, hmmm we have been trying to know why the lady keeps calling her ex for upkeep money. Is there something the guy is hiding from us?

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Maybe the woman wants the money to feed his newborn child.

Below is how the guy explained everything:

Hello. I have this my ex-girlfriend that just gave birth and she does call me at times to send her money, .. and come to think of it, she has fought me before and also insult the hell out of me that time I am still searching for a job, telling me I don’t have money to care for her. 

She left me though she had a baby girl for me of which I do send money for her feeding and school fees…but she will call me that she needed some money that I should send for her…to eat is difficult, she is doing creche job that they pay her token even where she stays with her husband is her husband friends house and that one had driven them away one night ..I have to send money to her to lodge in a hotel due to pregnancy …the same husband did not show care at all dump her aside.

I ask her about the whereabouts of her husband she will say I should forget him, ….I told her can’t go to her husband’s family’s house ..she said no…Even the naming ceremony self dey did…only the husband came..and it was this my baby mama father that just organize menu for the naming ceremony… 

But I do send some money to for the sake of my daughter…I do remember those days we were together,she will be insulting me , talking to me mannerless …We fought then because she dates guys around then until I broke up with her… 

Now she do call for me to send money to her …but I don’t know what to do, I don’t like insulting or shouting on someone because she needs help….but I only do for the sake of my daughter… but should I stop. the husband is not serious about her ….And this my baby mama is stubborn.. hypertensive lady ..But if I remember those days, is as if I should remind her… and I will stop sending her money but as a Christian, I just use church mind…If she asks me for money, I do feel pity… Should I stop or continue assisting her?”

Below are some reactions and advice from Facebook:

@Richard – This guy need mental screening, ahhhh

@Ladybig – There is something wrong with the married lady she is greedy.

@Dadyfresh – I don’t blame the lady, but I blame this unless exboyfried.

@Johnness – Ah we still have meb3l3fo in Ghana?

@Suzzy1 – Please stop sending her money, let her husband be responsible.

@Kane – Is her husband dead or alive? what sort of f***lness is this

@great man – I don’t know why this guy even came out to ask for advice, so can’t he see that he is fooling too much? I bore kora.

@Belind0 – Oh God how can you be wasting money on your married ex girlfriend? hmmmm

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