Embarrassing Moment After Lady Rejected Guy’s Marriage Proposal In Public [Video]

A young lady caused a scene after she embarrassed her boyfriend by rejecting his married proposal in public.

In the video, the lady was captured refusing to accept his marriage proposal in public as the young man was seen on his knees with his ring as his lady begged him to stand up.

According to the lady, she felt ashamed of the proposal made to her in public. As the incident happened, people who were around begged the young lady to save her boyfriend from the shame by accepting the proposal but she ignored their plea as she constantly berated the young man.

Watch the video below:

Some reactions the post got are;

rosythrone – Y’all still haven’t learned anything. Public proposal shouldn’t be a must😪

unified_wale – Abike collection don turn proposal down.. she no wan make you carry ham go husband house

poshest_hope – Na mumu dey do public proposal

mothercarekiddies – Everyone saying YES …kindly say yes for her and take the ring 💍 Sorry MAN

officialbobbyfredrick__ – Some people use public proposal as a blackmailing tool for their partners to accept their proposal 😏

aktmeketino – Do it for bedroom or kitchen and cover the shame🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Now she dem don leave you behind🙄🙄

janeblinky – Make una rest for all these proposal prank Abi skit. It’s getting boring 😏

ozor_iyanga_iii – How long shall we do this and never learn?

rosythrone – I hate public embarrassment, i rather accept then decline when we’re both together inside.


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