Lady Pastor Revisits How Her Former Partner Gave Her Severe Beatings Because Of FUFU

We have chanced upon a story of a Ghanaian lady pastor on how she was beaten by her former partner.

This female pastor is in the person of Rev. Dr. Jennifer Donkor and according to her, she was beaten just because of FUFU. She made this known while speaking with Aniwaa Anim-Addo on Joy Fm’s Strong and Sassy.

In her submission, she said;

“I met this guy who showed interest in me. He said he stayed alone, so why don’t I join him where he lived. I lacked love, so I was looking for love. I was around 23 years then, and he was a friend to my elder brother so I thought he couldn’t hurt a fly.

I met him in the village, but he lived in Accra and he told me he will send me money so I come and visit him in Accra. Full of Joy, that I have finally gotten a place to stay and a man to love me, I bought some food items and went to live with him. The first three months of our relationship was beautiful, nice, full of joy, so I thought that was it. But later I realised he was a different person.

He was a nice person but very abusive, after three months I wanted to leave, because I realised when you deny him sex, he will beat you. When you don’t cook, he will beat you, when you don’t clean the house, he will beat you. And one thing about abusive relationships is that it starts with the abuser saying ‘don’t leave me, I love.’ ‘If you leave me, I will die.’

One trait about him was also that he was very good when it comes to rendering apologies and he will give you all you want when he offends you, so that you forgive him. So when he apologised, I forgave him and the assault continued for years.

I was supposed to pound fufu and I realised that he was coming with his friends and they were about six. I can’t pound fufu for six people alone, so I prepared the soup and sent him a message that when he comes with his friends, they should help me to pound the fufu.

He got angry. He said I had disgraced him in front of his friends, so when he came he just behaved like nothing was happening and gave an excuse to his friends as to why there was no fufu and when they left, he took a belt and a laptop charger and flogged me. My leg was swollen for about a week.”


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