Lady Emotionally Meets Her Mother Who Has Gone Mad For Years (VIDEO)

by Ghnewslive

Lady got everybody emotional as she met her mother who has been mad for years on the street.


Lady gets all the attention on social media. It’s often difficult to believe the things that happen in life. Albeit the Lord knows what is best for his children, we find it very hard to comprehend in human life.

You can be with someone today and not see them again tomorrow; you can converse and smile with someone one day and then learn that they have gone insane the next.


After many years apart, a viral video of a woman seeing her mad mother triggers tears of happiness. Regardless of her mother’s state, she loves her and cannot abandon her.

The lady, whose name we do not know, gave her mother clothes and other food items. They took pictures together, and then she turned away from her daughter, deciding to go because she couldn’t recall anything that happened between them.

The lady was pleased, but in the end, she was disappointed because she is unable to communicate with her mother in the same way that others do in real life.

Watch the video below;

Reacting to the video, one Instagram user identified as joe_kennzy couldn’t hold back his tears. He blessed her and prayed that her mother comes back to normal life again, he wrote; “May God bless her and i wish her mom should come back to her normal life….i feel like crying when i wach the video.”


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