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King of Mamprugu Calls for Unity Ahead of Cultural Oneness Festival

The King of Mamprugu

The King of Mamprugu has sent an appeal to the numerous northern Ghanaian tribes for peace and unity.

The King of Mamprugu made this comment as he extended his permission to The Taste Of Afrika’s Tamale Cultural Oneness Festival.

The northern region of Ghana is home to a variety of ethnic and cultural populations. Despite the Northern regions’ variety, many of their cultures have common practices. Festivals such as the Damba and the Fire Festival fall within this category.

The nonprofit organization Taste of Afrika is hosting the Cultural Oneness Festival in Tamale to bring people together and highlight the region’s rich cultural heritage.

The King of Mamprugu
Cultural Oneness Festival

Recently, Tengol K. Kplemani, CEO of The Taste of Afrika, paid a visit to the palace of the overlord of the Mamprugu Traditional Area.

The overlord took the opportunity to appeal to all the tribes in the north to put aside their tribal differences and work together for the benefit of the people and the country.

He went on to remark that the people of Ghana’s northern region have an obligation to promote and gain from their cultural heritage abroad since they are the home of Ghana’s longest royal dynasty.

This is why he thinks other chiefs and traditional rulers should attend the Cultural Oneness Festival in Tamale, Ghana, on December 6-9, 2023.

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