Kiely Rodni Autopsy Report

Kiely Rodni Autopsy Report Reveals Drowning As Cause of Death

Kiely Rodni Autopsy Report has revealed that the cause of death was drowning. Although her body was found upside-down in 14 feet of water, the cause of death was determined to be an accident. This is the case despite the fact that she was drinking alcohol and attending a graduation party.

Kiely Rodni’s death was ruled an accident

kiely rodni autopsy report

After a two-week search for a missing teen in the Sierra Nevada, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office has ruled the death of 16-year-old Kiely Rodni an accident. The cause of death was drowning. After a coroner’s autopsy, it was determined that the teen died of drowning in her car.

Despite the death being ruled an accident, the investigation will continue. Investigators will likely continue to question the death of Rodni, who was last seen on Aug. 6 after attending a party. Rodni’s body was found in a vehicle that was submerged in Prosser Reservoir, about 165 miles northeast of San Francisco. In addition to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office’s official investigation, a team of volunteer divers was involved in the search.

Her car was found upside down in 14 feet of water

After being missing for more than two weeks, sixteen-year-old Kiely Rodni’s car was found upside down and submerged in 14 feet of water. She was last seen at a party near Truckee, California on Aug. 6 and had been traveling alone. Her family and friends were celebrating the summer with a large party, but it’s unclear if she was alone.

A group called Adventures with Purpose, a for-profit YouTube search and rescue organization, made the shocking discovery. The group was able to identify the remains inside the vehicle, which was discovered upside-down in 14 feet of water. They said the remains found in the car belonged to Rodni.

Her death was caused by drowning

According to an autopsy report, the death of 16-year-old Kiely Rodni was caused by drowning. Rodni had been missing for two weeks before her body was found in the Prosser Creek Reservoir near Truckee, California. The death of the young girl caused national attention and sparked a nationwide search for the missing girl.

Police and her family are now looking for clues that may lead to her whereabouts. The family is grateful for the help of volunteers and law enforcement personnel. Rodni was last seen on August 6 at a large party with 300 guests. She had texted her mother at 11:30 p.m. to let her mother know she was running late. Then, after midnight, her cell phone died. The search lasted several days and multiple law enforcement organizations were involved in the search.

Jagger Westfall denies attending kiely rodni autopsy party

In a recent Fox News interview, Jagger Westfall denied attending the autopsy party held for Kiely Rodni, the teen’s body. He also said he wasn’t in the area when the alleged witness saw Kiely. He was driving home from Napa Valley. According to Bishop, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department interviewed him early in the investigation, and ruled him out as a person of interest. However, he did say that the alleged witness has spoken to police.

According to the autopsy report, the death of the teen is accidental, although a death certificate could prove otherwise. The body was found in Truckee, California, on Aug. 21, after she went missing after a party. She was last seen on Aug. 6 after a night out with her friends. The body was found in the Prosser Creek Reservoir, and the body was retrieved a few hours later.

SOURCE: Ghnewslive.com

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