Jaylen Fleer Whereabout Revealed – San Diego Sheriff Jailed Over 10 Years

Jaylen Fleer Whereabout Revealed - San Diego Sheriff Jailed Over 10 Years

Jaylen Fleer Whereabout Revealed

Jaylen Fleer’s whereabouts were revealed in June, a few months after he pleaded guilty to 20 charges, including soliciting underage girls to commit sex acts. He is now serving 12 years in state prison, without probation, and must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He is married and has a young son.

Jaylen Fleer is a former San Diego sheriff, who served in the sheriff’s jail and in court administration units. Fleer was sentenced to 12 years in prison after being caught molesting 41 underage women. His crimes were committed while he was a police officer in San Diego.

The young women who were sexually assaulted by Fleer were reluctant to call the police because they were afraid to risk being exposed to a police officer.

Fleer was arrested last year, and his whereabouts were recently revealed. A former San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputy, Jaylen Fleer pleaded guilty to sexually harassing underage girls and attempting to meet them for sex. His arrest was the result of tips to Crime Stoppers, and he faced 18 felonies and two misdemeanors for the crimes. He contacted several underage girls on social media and tried to meet them for sex. The victims were so scared to call the police, and Fleer even offered them money to do so.

Fleer was fired as a Sheriff after admitting his crimes. Fleer had worked as a police officer in North San Diego for five years. He was fired from his position and never returned to his work area until he confessed. During the trial, he showed no remorse for his actions. He had a history of sexual misconduct, and the appointed body for Fleer deplored his performance.

Police in Chula Vista identified Fleer as a suspect and identified two more underage victims, and said Fleer was not related to his employment. The criminal complaint also referenced a fourth underage victim. All the acts occurred in March and April last year, according to police in Chula Vista. He had been with the sheriff’s department for about five years, but was put on desk duty.

The San Diego district attorney’s office will now prosecute the case against Fleer. Fleer attended Santana High School and played football and baseball. After graduation, he joined the Sheriff’s Department and was assigned to the Detention Services Bureau, where he monitors county jail inmates.

Fleer is not the first member of the sheriff’s department to be arrested on sexual misconduct charges.

SOURCE: www.ghnewslive.com